Majestically Prehistoric No More

PrehistoricIf you have been a lover of Mother Lode Coffee Roasting Co long enough to have had actual contact with us you may have heard our proclamation of “majestic prehistoricness,” more of a reality than a proud badge of nobility. Well, today is the dawning of a new era!!

MLCRC is stepping into the light! With the outside help of Greg Falken, Sierra Online Services; Gail Segerstrom, Gail Segerstrom Designs; and Molly Hart, Molly Hart Design we are proud to unveil (or turn on, I don’t even know what’s the proper term [I could Google it! Ha!]) our NEW webite and shopping cart!!!

A long time coming and procrastinated upon by yours truly till the very end, the new website is full of modern technologies, at least that’s my understanding. With new products, increased mobility standards and a new improved shopping cart , you should find a pleasant, easy to use storefront that now accepts your Visa, among other payment forms.

As always, “we love talkin’ coffee” so feel free to give us a call, because we are really hoping all this new fangled stuff doesn’t get in the way of connecting with our beloved customer, YOU!! As we approach 20 years in business, let us thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love of our freshly roasted coffees. God Bless.

Andrew Riehl, The Big Bean

Prehistoric image by Lehigh Valley, PA


  1. Jennifer Adams says

    I used to spend a bit of time up in Sonora & Jamestown for a few years.
    I’ve recently discovered your coffee beans here in the Bay Area where
    I’ve been living. I just wanted you to know that your coffee is excellent!
    I will tell all my coffee loving friends and family about your wonderful
    coffee. And if I find myself out that way, I will definitely stop by your store.
    Thank you for your amazing coffee..great stuff!

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